Booking Process / Dates I am available

How to start the booking process

Step 1

To find out the dates I am available, please Email me and in the subject line write “Dates you are available?”

In the main body of the Email please write the following:

Your Name

Phone number, mobile is best

Dates you require a sitter?

Location/ Suburb you live in? I am available to do most areas around Perth.

Due to the traffic it can be a bit difficult if you are really far out like North of Mindarie, South of Warnbro/ Jarradale, East of Mundaring

Type of pets/ how many? I have no problems with all types of pets.

Are they inside/ outside pets? I work school hours. The problem arises if your pets are locked indoors during the day, have no doggy door and have to pee every 5 hours. Maybe a friendly neighbour could come in and let the pets out for a wee?

Is there a doggy door? If yes, the pee problem is not an issue

If inside dogs/ cats, how many hours can the pets stay indoors before they need to be let out to go to the toilet?

Step 2

I will Email you the dates I am available.

Step 3

Have a look at the dates I am available. Maybe we can juggle the dates around a bit. For example, you may get the next door neighbour to feed the pets on the first or last day.

Please phone me (or Email me) (I am an early riser so the best time to contact me is 5am until or any time after 3.15pm until 9pm) When we speak on the phone, please have your pen and diary close by.

Step 4

After the initial phone call, if we both feel there is a good “fit”, let’s make an appointment to meet where we can ask each other many questions and I can get to meet you and your pets.

Step 5

I will Email you various forms of paperwork which you need to complete before we meet for the first time. These documents cover the various routines in your house like feeding, walking, watering, gardening etc

Step 6

Let’s meet for the first time. We can now go through all the paperwork together and I can get to meet your pets.  This first meeting usually lasts 1 hour. I will bring a copy of my Police Clearance, Drivers Licence and Testimonials.

Step 7

Lets meet for the second time?

Depending on the length of the sit and complexity of the sit, I always come back a second and if necessary, even a third or fourth time. We can walk the dogs together, feed the dogs, clear up any remaining questions, get a key etc

Step 8

I move in. All you have to do is clean your home, provide a bedroom, provide some linen, make space in the fridge for my own food, close off a room where you may wish to keep your valuables like jewellery, laptops etc, indicate which rooms are no go areas like the main bedroom, study etc

Step 9

I will keep you informed by Email or text on your pets

Step 10

I Move out and leave your home very neat and tidy and your pets very calm and happy.